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Suzhou Hengchen Printing Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional enterprise which produces paper packaging. It was founded in 1992, main business is including food, textile, light industry, appliance, chemical industry and other middle to high product packaging. Located in the national sanitary and civilized city--Zhangjiagang City (Nanzhuang village of Yangshe Town), it covers 20,000㎡, and 40,000㎡ of factory, with fixed assets of 80 million RMB. East to Shanghai, south to Wuxi, next to Suzhou, it has a good location and the traffic is extremely convenient.
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  • CALL US: 86-512-58250918
  • ADDRESS :No. 5, Xinfeng West Road, Nanzhuang Village, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China
  • E-MAIL :info@hcpak.com
  • We only accept orders more than 2000 pieces,thanks!!

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