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Along with the development of the times, people's aesthetic view is continuously improving and the demand is also increasing. Meeting people's aesthetic needs should become the main topic of packaging design. Simply put a product of the packaging has been unable to meet people's aesthetic view, and they need to be more artistic expression form. The food packaging designers are also through the abstract approach to make product packaging more artistic, in order to leave a space of imagination for people. When the product packaging of a meat company is designed with a cartoon image,the effect is very obvious.


Packaging can be of a proper exaggeration, but not arbitrary. Modern food packaging designs more and more use artistic effect to express the characteristics of product ,such as computer graphics products, this method can make up for the lack of photographing, and randomly combination with ingredients ,raw materials, and etc., so that people can understanding and trust products more intuitively.


Food packaging design on the market is dazzling, and how to make their products stand out from the numerous similar products, which requires innovation. So how to make the product packaging different? Below, a few examples:

The color of instant noodles packaging in the public's impression, is nothing more than a few: red, yellow, green, orange. In addition to the visibility of the brand, the packaging almost have no comparability. The coming of Wugudaochang series of instant noodles subverts this type of product ,which is used with the color of black, and white. The proportion of coordination makes the proportion of good, and successfully attracts the attention of consumers. Therefore, the packing of wugudaochang series of instant noodles wins in color.

Before most of intestinal products are the sausage and apply with a layer of plastics, or a group with a square plastic packaging, which is lack of their own personality, and difficult to stand out  in many products. However,Longda foodstuff Group launches tie packaging in Fu Ji source ham,which is similar to the packaging of bread and it stands out in similar products.Therefore,it wins in the form of packaging.


Due to some food, specifically for a range of consumer groups,the expression of packaging should be highlighted.Such as the old food, packaging form is more traditional, and color is also adopt with a deep and stable color; children' food is asked to be of live and love, bright colors and often have some added value (such as can act as a toy or collection); for a certain region of the product, you can show the local characteristics, such as the use of dialect, cultural traditions, etc...

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