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Gift Wrapping


Modern gift packaging is the main carrier of the gift, and a part of the gift. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate packaging materials, structure and decoration design, in order to symbol the dignity, delicacy, beauty of the gift and meet the psychological needs of people for gifting.


Modern gifts are variable and sent during different occasions, time, festival, object, which requires gift package should have a very clear target.


Different gifts are produced in different regions, and each region has its own unique personality, especially a number of tourism commodities of gift packaging design, which should highlight the local characteristics or traditional features of its nation or region, in order to give a strong exotic atmosphere. Usually the more personalized gift packaging,the more it will be loved by people.


Gift is used to convey the feeling of each other, especially for young people.Thus gift box must be fun and interesting. Otherwise a dull and tasteless gift package is not welcome.


The old gift packaging will make people feel dull. Especially for the high technology content of the gift, packaging material, process, design and decoration design should express the advanced technology. For example, the use of concave convex process to produce three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti - theft, and so on, which can through a unique packaging style to reflect the outstanding achievements of science and technology,and the superiority of the gift.

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