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The obvious characteristic of electronic products is subject to be threatened by collision, extrusion, humidity, high temperature and static.Therefore, the key of packaging design should be based on these basic requirements and take the appropriate technical measures to control. In view of most of the electronic products are precision industrial products, packaging design should focus on following conditions ,for example:packaging should withstand a certain external force of the impact in the process of transportation,handling, storage; preventing damage to the shell or movement parts; resisting the external force or mutual extrusion in stacking or transport bump and preventing the deformation of the package or product; resisting fog, dew, rain, steam, and effectively preventing the oxidation,rust, short circuit of electronic products and other issues.

Technical control of electronic product packaging design

In the daily production process, due to the under consideration of design , package often be damaged,for example:Placing the tongue of the carton in front in plating design results to the  buckle tongue corresponding to the side of the tongue after the forming of carton.In this way, when the buckle tongue is easy to touch the lap tongue or the buckle tongue is affected by the thickness of the tongue, which may create the obvious gap of the side of tongue.Therefore,lap tongue and buckle tongue should be designed on the same side of the page during the plate making in order to let lap tongue away from buckle tongue to ensure obvious gap after the forming of carton.In addition, whether the length of lap tongue design is appropriate or not, it affects the use of the product packaging.If the length of carton lap tongue is too small to cause mutual adhesion during the process of gluing and decrease the strength of carton,which may affect the use of packaging. Therefore, the average size of the small box is not less than 1.2cm and the length of the carton box is not less than 2.6cm, in order to better ensure the bonding strength and improve the use of packaging performance.

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