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Drug packaging design should have the characteristics of science, which is comply with the requirements of the times. It contains two aspects: on one hand to reflect the scientific and technological design services. Using new scientific and technological achievements and new design method, can make the art design to produce a new image, so as to promote the transformation of aesthetic perspective. Drug packaging design should make full use of contemporary scientific and technological achievements and use the latest technology, so as to create the drug packaging same pace with the times, but also for the public to accept .On the other hand, the design itself should have the advantage of science, which is the requirement to protect the interests of consumers, whether in the use of drugs, or the packaging itself, and the principle should be followed. As the State Drug Administration Decree No. twenty-third strict rules for the packaging text content which requires the designer to allow to use text to adjust the font, font size, word spacing according to the packaging of reasonable size, and pay attention to the details of design processing, so that make health care professionals and users read conveniently, in order to let some highlight text is obvious.View of this, the scientific rationality of text, graphic design is also the focus of drug packaging design.

With the development of global economic integration, the global circulation of all kinds of commodities has become a trend, and drugs are no exception. As promoting the sales of packaging and decoration design, the domestic and foreign still have some differences in the adaptive design, such as: the safety tips using of children and the elderly, the general lack of language in English and Chinese, the deviation of color understanding, etc. Different nations, different countries, different cultural characteristics and social background will make the use of drugs to produce different preferences and understanding, and then affect their consumption psychology. In order to comply with these needs, the design of drug packaging should also change the design thinking, in order to adapt to the domestic consumption, but also take the appreciation of foreign consumers into account for general packaging designing.

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