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As closely related to the beauty industry, the packaging of cosmetics should be protective, functional and decorative, and the multi-layer plastic composite technology has been paid much attention. Once molding of any color and shape of the container,it can make a multi-layer of different kinds of plastic compound together. On one hand, it can enhance the performance of isolation of the light and air; on the other hand, it can obtain amazing visual effects and a unique feel through the blend of different kinds of substances. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs the high quality packaging materials, in order to enhance its value. All kinds of material are used in cosmetics packaging, cartons are commonly used for cosmetics packaging. Cosmetics in addition to the use of a certain effect, it is also a cultural manifestation and combination of functional and spiritual culture, which is often used to meet the psychological needs of consumers to pursuit of beauty.This kind of product regardless of the packaging design or color should be designed to be simple and clean, elegant and generous.

Normal use of color in daily cosmetics is mainly used with rose, pink and white, light green, light blue, deep coffee color more, in order to highlight the warm and elegant temperament.

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